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Publication - Dr Fai Tila

    Wideband High Velocity RF Channel Emulation for the Test and Verification of 5G mmWave Systems


    Cao, J, Tila, F & Nix, A, 2018, ‘Wideband High Velocity RF Channel Emulation for the Test and Verification of 5G mmWave Systems’. in: 2018 IEEE 88th Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC 2018-Fall): Proceedings of a meeting held 27–30 August 2018, Chicago, USA. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


    In this paper we design and implement a real-time Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) wideband channel emulator for the performance evaluation and verification of 5G mmWave vehicular communication systems. A novel spectral stitching method is presented to combine up to eight 160MHz sub-channels. A unique channel partition algorithm is also developed to synchronize the sub channels to ensure phase continuity across the emulation bandwidth. The emulator is interfaced to an experimental wideband 60 GHz mmWave modem. The modem is connected to the RF channel emulator via a wideband I/Q up and down converter. A 3D ray-tracing channel model with optimized beamforming codebooks embedded is used to predict the spatial and temporal multipath ray components of the radio propagation channel between an mmWave Base Station (BS) and the vehicle. The wideband channel emulator is used to introduce Doppler spread and shift effects to represent the effects of modem mobility as in the vehicular scenario. Implementation of HIL emulation for ray traced channel with speed up to 300km/h demonstrates its capability for performance evaluation of mmWave vehicle to infrastructure (V2I) communication.

    Full details in the University publications repository