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Professor Bernard Stark


I enjoy interdisciplinary projects involving power, micro, and radio-frequency electronic design, alongside power mechanical design, manufacturing, software and commercialisation. I favour a pragmatic approach to supporting technological innovation in small and medium enterprises and have spent time as a consultant with Scientific Instruments Research Association, working with companies in deprived areas of the London Thames Gateway. I originated technology used by Seamless Display Ltd and Sensor Driven Ltd, which gave me the opportunity to work with design and manufacturing companies in the UK, US, and China. At Imperial College London, I carried out research involving power engineering applied to micro-technology (MEMS), designing custom electronics using advanced semi-conductor technology. Prior to that, I held a postdoctoral research fellowship at Oxford University, where we developed novel semiconductor switching methods for high power, and researched measurement techniques. I hold the degrees of PhD in Engineering from Cambridge University and MSc in Electrical Engineering from ETH Zurich, Switzerland.