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Publication - Dr Becky Selwyn

    Interventions to improve student engagement and learning in practical laboratory activities


    Selwyn, B & Renaud-Assemat, I, 2018, ‘Interventions to improve student engagement and learning in practical laboratory activities’. in: HEA STEM Conference 2018: Creativity in Teaching, Learning and Student Engagement . Higher Education Academy


    This work presents a number of interventions made in 1st year engineering laboratory activities, with the main aim of improving student engagement and learning. A problem based learning (PBL) approach was implemented, and detailed written guidelines along with the mark scheme for the written assessment were made available to students. Students were also encouraged to reflect on their written work by adding a few comments at the end of their reports.
    Students reported high levels of engagement during the PBL activities, and appreciation of the relevance of the activities to their future careers. The guidelines and mark scheme increased student confidence in their writing skills and developed learner autonomy. The reflective comments moved the feedback from a monologic system towards a dialogic system, and students said the feedback would be useful in future assessments.

    Full details in the University publications repository