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Dr Dario Di Maio


Dr Dario di Maio graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Universita’ Politecnica di Ancona. His final year thesis was produced at Imperial College London with a work supported by BOSCH (August 2000- April 2001). The thesis was focused on measurements of brake disc squeal using Scanning Laser Doppler Vibrometry (SLDV) system.

Dr di Maio was awarded a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London with a project supported by US Air Force. The PhD thesis was focused on the development of tracking measurements of rotating bladed disc using Continuous Scanning LDV methods. One output of the thesis was the development and production of a software platform called CAISER MYMESIS capable of performing Continuous Scanning LDV measurement methods on structures under stationary and rotating conditions.

Subsequent activities include a post-Doctoral position in Imperial College (2007) during which Dr di Maio managed a project supported by Rolls Royce on vibration measurements of rotating bladed discs using both Blade Tip Timing (BTT) system and tracking Scanning LDV system.

Subsequently (2008) he has held a post-Doctoral position in the Rolls Royce Composite University Technology Centre (UTC) at University of Bristol developing and applying advanced experimental methods for vibration testing of components and other gas turbine structures. A significant achievement is the building of a new laboratory, now called the “Model Validation Facility (MVF)”, as part of the BLADE laboratory.

During his PhD and Post-Doc Dr di Maio designed and supervised several short projects on experimental measurements for both international students and R-R graduate trainees.



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