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Publication - Dr Paul Harper

    Composite Materials in Tidal Energy Blades


    Dawson, M, Davies, P, Harper, P & Wilkinson, S, 2018, ‘Composite Materials in Tidal Energy Blades’. in: Peter Davies, Yapa D S Rajapakse (eds) Durability of Composites in a Marine Environment 2. Springer Verlag, pp. 173-194


    Composite materials are the natural choice for the construction of tidal energy blades; their high strength, good environmental resistance and the ease with which they may be used to form complex shapes means that they are well suited to the application. The design of MW-scale tidal energy blades has evolved over a number of years, keeping step with the requirements of turbine developers as their emphasis shifts from prototyping to production. In parallel, it has been necessary to develop a rigorous approach to materials testing and qualification. The specifics of the blade structure and the operational environment mean that it has been necessary to solve a number of complications that arise during such a qualification programme. These issues are discussed and efforts to mitigate their consequences are explained. Although this chapter is written particularly with tidal energy blades in mind, much of the content will be applicable to a wide range of other applications where composite materials are used in the marine environment.

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