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Dr Jitendra Agarwal


Dr Jitendra Agarwal is a Senior Lecturer in Structural Engineering at the University of Bristol. His main areas of research are structural safety, non-linear dynamics, civil engineering systems andcomputational methods.  He has 25 publications in reputed journals and refereed conferences.  Prior to becoming a lecturer in 2002, he designed seismic modifications for nuclear plants while working for WS Atkins.  From 1996 to 2001, he was a postdoctoral researcher working with Professor David Blockley.  During this time he developed new approaches to assessing the vulnerability of structures.   Earlier he has worked as a scientist for four years in Structural Engineering Research Centre and as a structural engineer in a design consultancy in India.  His doctoral research (1991-1994) at the University of Bristol was funded by a Commonwealth Scholarship and he developed an Interacting Objects Process Model (IOPM) for the study of non-linear dynamics and tested it on parallel computing machines.  He obtained his first degree in Civil Engineering in 1985 and a Masters degree in Computer Science in 1987 from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, one of the top institutes in India.



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