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Mr Rory White


I graduated from University of Leicester in Mechanical Engineering With Industry (BEng) with first class honours in 2016. I was awarded the Goldsmith prize for exceptional achievement during my placement year.


I started my PhD at University of Bristol, in the Department of Civil Engineering,  in 2017. The main research focus is: human-structure interactions in differing biomechanical loading scenarios. I have carried out multiple experimental studies to investigate the human-structure interactions observed during walking on footbridges and jumping on rigid and perceptibly moving structures. My first year focused on full-scale measurements of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, subject to pedestrian loading, to characterise the crowd lateral dynamic forcing. My second year focus was on human rhythmic jumping on both a rigid and perceptibly moving surface utilising a combination of wearable sensors and technology (motioncapture and opal sensors), accelerometers and load cells to measure both the human and structure's dynamics. My current work is concentrated on system identification and applied non-linear dynamics techniques, such as bifurcation theory and Poincaré maps, to characterise the observed phenomenon and dynamics for both jumping scenarios.  


I joined as a Reseach Associate within the Earthquake and Geotechnical research group in 2019 as part of the Graphite Seismic Validation research project funded by EDF Energy. 



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