Dr Zahra Siddique

Dr Zahra Siddique

Dr Zahra Siddique
Senior Lecturer in Economics

The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 3317938

Department of Economics


Micro-econometrics, Labor Economics, Development Economics.


Latest publications

  1. Bhalotra, SR, Kambhampati, U, Rawlings, S & Siddique, Z, 2019, ‘Intimate Partner Violence: The influence of job opportunities for men and women’. The World Bank Economic Review.
  2. Jaeger, D & Siddique, Z, 2018, ‘Are Drone Strikes Effective in Afghanistan and Pakistan? On the Dynamics of Violence between the United States and the Taliban’. CESifo Economic Studies, vol 64., pp. 667?697
  3. Biavaschi, C, Giulietti, C & Siddique, Z, 2017, ‘The Economic Payoff of Name Americanization’. Journal of Labor Economics, vol 35., pp. 1089-1116
  4. Siddique, Z, 2013, ‘Partially Identified Treatment Effects Under Imperfect Compliance: The Case of Domestic Violence’. Journal of the American Statistical Association, vol 108.
  5. Khamis, M, Prakash, N & Siddique, Z, 2012, ‘Consumption and social identity: Evidence from India’. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol 83.
  6. Basu, A, Chau, N & Siddique, Z, 2012, ‘Tax Evasion, Minimum Wage Noncompliance, and Informality’. in: Research in Labor Economics.
  7. Siddique, Z, 2011, ‘Evidence on Caste Based Discrimination’. Labour Economics.

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