Dr Piotr Danisewicz

Dr Piotr Danisewicz

Dr Piotr Danisewicz
Lecturer in Finance

3.05 30-32 Tyndalls Park Road,
The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 331 0915

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Department of Accounting and Finance


My research interests lie in the area of banking. I examine the effects of regulation and supervision on bank conduct and the real economy. In particular, my work aims to investigate: the effects of enforcement actions in banking on the real economy; the effects of debt priority structure on bank risk taking and transparency; and the role played by banks’ organizational structure for cross-border spillovers of macroprudential regulation.

Latest publications

  1. Danisewicz, P, McGowan, D, Onali, E & Schaeck, K, 2018, ‘The real effects of banking supervision: Evidence from enforcement actions’. Journal of Financial Intermediation, vol 35., pp. 86-101
  2. Danisewicz, P, Reinhardt, D & Sowerbutts, R, 2017, ‘On a tight leash: Does bank organizational structure matter for macroprudential spillovers?’. Journal of International Economics, vol 109., pp. 174-194
  3. Danisewicz, P, McGowan, D, Onali, E & Schaeck, K, 2017, ‘Debt Priority Structure, Market Discipline and Bank Conduct’. Review of Financial Studies.

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