Professor Paula Hill

Professor Paula Hill

Professor Paula Hill
Professor of Finance and Accounting

1.10 15-19 Tyndalls Park Road,
The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 39 41521

Department of Accounting and Finance


Paula Hill has published work in the area of corporate finance/ IPOs. Her current research focuses on the prediction of changes in credit quality and the impact of these changes on asset prices.


Shuo Wang,


ACCG30015: Advanced Topics in Finance
ACCG30072: International Finance
ECONM2034: MSc Corporate Finance and Financial Statements

Fields of interest

Credit Risk, Corporate Finance, IPOs

Latest publications

  1. Hill, P, Korczak, A & Korczak, P, 2019, ‘Political uncertainty exposure of individual companies: The case of the Brexit referendum’. Journal of Banking and Finance, vol 100., pp. 58-76
  2. Hill, P, Korczak, A & Wang, S, 2018, ‘The use of earnings and operations management to avoid credit rating downgrades’. Accounting and Business Research.
  3. Chen, J, De Cesari, A, Hill, P & Ozkan, N, 2018, ‘Initial compensation contracts for new executives and financial distress risk: An empirical investigation of UK firms’. Journal of Corporate Finance, vol 48., pp. 292-313
  4. Hill, P, Bissoondoyal-Bheenick, E & Faff, R, 2018, ‘New evidence on sovereign to corporate credit rating spill-overs’. International Review of Financial Analysis, vol 55., pp. 209-225
  5. Chen, J & Hill, PC, 2013, ‘The impact of diverse measures of default risk on UK stock returns’. Journal of Banking and Finance, vol 37., pp. 5118
  6. Chan, H, Faff, R, Hill, P & Scheule, H, 2011, ‘Are Watch Procedures a Critical Informational Event in the Credit Ratings Process? An Empirical Investigation’. Journal of Financial Research, vol 34., pp. 617 - 640
  7. Hill, P, Brooks, R & Faff, R, 2010, ‘Variations in Sovereign Credit Quality Assessments Across Rating Agencies’. Journal of Banking and Finance, vol 34., pp. 1327 - 1343
  8. Hill, P & Faff, R, 2010, ‘The Market Impact of Relative Agency Activity in the Sovereign Ratings Market’. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, vol 37., pp. 1309 - 1347
  9. Hill, P & Short, H, 2009, ‘Risk Disclosures on the Second Tier Markets of the London Stock Exchange’. Accounting and Finance, vol 49., pp. 753 - 780
  10. Hill, PC & Hillier, D, 2009, ‘Market feedback, investment constraints, and managerial behavior’. European Financial Management, vol 15., pp. 584 - 605
  11. Hill, P, 2008, ‘Declared investment plans and IPO firm value’. Applied Financial Economics, vol 18 (1)., pp. 23 - 39
  12. Hill, P & Wilson, N, 2006, ‘Value Gains on Flotation and IPO Underpricing’. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, vol 33 (9-10)., pp. 1435 - 1459
  13. Hill, P, 2006, ‘Ownership Structure and IPO Underpricing’. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, vol 33 (1-2)., pp. 102 - 126

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