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Publication - Dr Nikolaos Stylos

    Technological Evolution and Tourist Decision-making

    A Perspective Article


    Stylos, N, 2019, ‘Technological Evolution and Tourist Decision-making: A Perspective Article’. Tourism Review.


    Purpose – This paper seeks to demonstrate the importance of technological advancements in shaping tourist decision-making. It reviews relevant theories and underlines the need for new theoretical frameworks that would illustrate the role of cognitive technologies, i.e. artificial intelligence (AI) applications, in tourist decision-making. Design/Methodology/Approach – A critical analysis and synthesis of interdisciplinary literature was undertaken, aiming to discuss the theoretical frameworks and approaches utilized and to offer a future perspective based on major technological advances. Findings – The technological advancements play a structural role in tourist decision-making processes, with digital technologies and cyber-physical systems becoming extensions of a tourist’s self. Implications – The study offers the basis for a new theoretical framework in the area of tourism decision-making, considering the future of cyber-physical-human systems. Originality value – This study exemplifies the main elements of tourism decision-making theory and describes the need for a paradigm shift as new forms of AI will complement human intelligence.

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