Dr Battal Dogan

Dr Battal Dogan

Dr Battal Dogan
Senior Lecturer in Economics

The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Department of Economics

Personal profile

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Rochester, 2014. 





Fields of interest

Market design, mechanism design, choice theory, and game theory.

Latest publications

  1. Dogan, B, 2019, ‘Mechanism design approach to school choice: one versus many’. in: Jean-Franҫois Laslier, Hervé Moulin, M Remzi Sanver, William S Zwicker (eds) The Future of Economic Design: The Continuing Development of a Field as Envisioned by Its Researchers. Springer International Publishing AG
  2. Dogan, B & Yenmez, MB, 2019, ‘Consistent Pareto Improvement Over the Student-Optimal Stable Mechanism’. Economic Theory Bulletin.
  3. Dogan, B, Dogan, S & Yildiz, K, 2018, ‘A new ex-ante efficiency criterion and implications for the probabilistic serial mechanism’. Journal of Economic Theory, vol 175., pp. 178-200
  4. Dogan, B & Klaus, B, 2018, ‘Object allocation via immediate acceptance: characterizations and an affirmative action application’. Journal of mathematical economics, vol 79., pp. 140-156
  5. Dogan, B, 2017, ‘How to control controlled school choice: comment’. American Economic Review, vol 107., pp. 1362-1364
  6. Dogan, B & Cho, WJ, 2017, ‘Stability and the immediate acceptance rule when school priorities are weak’. International Journal of Game Theory, vol 46., pp. 991-1014
  7. Dogan, B, 2017, ‘Eliciting the socially optimal allocation from responsible agents’. Journal of mathematical economics, vol 73., pp. 103-110
  8. Dogan, B, 2016, ‘Responsive affirmative action in school choice’. Journal of Economic Theory, vol 165., pp. 69-105
  9. Dogan, B, 2016, ‘Nash-implementation of the no-envy solution on symmetric domains of economies’. Games and Economic Behavior, vol 98., pp. 165-171
  10. Dogan, B & Cho, WJ, 2016, ‘​Equivalence of efficiency notions for ordinal assignment problems’. Economics Letters, vol 46., pp. 8-12
  11. Dogan, B & Yildiz, K, 2016, ‘Efficiency and stability of probabilistic assignments in marriage problems’. Games and Economic Behavior, vol 95., pp. 47-58
  12. Dogan, B & Koray, S, 2015, ‘Maskin-monotonic scoring rules’. Social Choice and Welfare, vol 44., pp. 423-432

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