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Publication - Professor Andrew Sturdy

    Management as Consultancy

    Neo-bureaucracy and the consultant manager


    Sturdy, AJ, Wright, C & Wylie, N, 2015, ‘Management as Consultancy: Neo-bureaucracy and the consultant manager’. Cambridge University Press


    Management is changing by adopting consultancy practices. It is becoming less obviously hierarchical and more focused on projects, functional integration, change and ‘adding value’. (It is taking the ‘neo-bureaucratic’ form of the ‘consultant manager’).

    Our focus is on managers in large and multinational organisations in public and private sectors such as former consultants and those in specialisms such as HRM who adopt consulting roles. The activities, relationships, identities and occupational dynamics of this group are revealed, along with the various tensions emerging from this new hybrid form of management.

    In addition to advancing our understanding of changes in management, the book offers a demystifying view of consultancy from one of the largest ever studies of this occupation. Consulting here is not so much an elite profession, but part of management, organised in occupations or specialist units and posing a growing threat to external consultancy.

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