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Publication - Dr Liz Washbrook

    Parent-child attachment as a mechanism of intergenerational (dis)advantage


    Moullin, S, Waldfogel, J & Washbrook, E, 2018, ‘Parent-child attachment as a mechanism of intergenerational (dis)advantage’. Families, Relationships and Societies, vol 7., pp. 265-284


    A growing literature connects childhood socio-emotional skills to adult socio-economic outcomes. But what explains differing levels of socio-emotional skills? Current theories consider parental investment and socialisation, but neglect the emotional and relational aspects of parenting. Attachment theory offers a model of the micro-level mechanisms that connect parenting processes and socio-emotional development intergenerationally. It has, however, tended to de-emphasise macro, contextual socio-economic factors. Through an extensive, integrative review of the empirical literature on the effects and antecedents of parent-child attachment, we argue that attachment is a mechanism through which socio-emotional - and socio-economic - (dis)advantages persist.

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