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Mrs Helen Aberdeen


Helen was in the classroom until July 2010. With 23 years teaching experience as a classroom teacher in the state and independent sectors, Helen has worked as Head of Department, business language trainer and adult education tutor. She has 5 years’ experience as a Head of Year and was the winner of the West of England teaching Award for Enterprise in 2008.

During her third year at the Graduate School of Education, Helen took over the role of Director of the Document Summary Service and Bristol Guide.

Helen is particularly interested in the use of drama and music in language teaching. She is a the Vice Chairperson of the steering group of the local branch of the Association for Language Learning. She has provided professional training to teachers at both local and national level.  She has also recently worked as an examiner for AQA and was one of the authors of the German A level textbook “Brennpunkt”. Helen completed her Masters of Education degree with distinction in 2013.  

Helen’s main languages are French and German and she passed her Spanish “A” level alongside students at her last school. She is passionate about language teaching.