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Dr Naomi Apostolaki


I have been employed as a teaching assistant by the Access Unit of the Disability Services in the University of Bristol since October 2011. It is a part-time job with which I am able to pay for my tuition fees. The job involves taking manual notes, laboratory support, exam scribe and 1-1 mentoring for deaf and disabled students. So far, I have worked on the following courses: Cystic Fibrosis, Calcium Channels, Vascular Biology, Geochemistry, Physical & Chemical Geodynamics, Imaging and Mapping the Earth, Geology, Mineralogy & Petrology, Biomechanics, Vertebrate Palaeontology & Evolution, Scientific Communication, Evolution of the Biosphere, Geomicrobiology, Dynamic Surface, Soils & Environmental Analysis, Sedimentology, Taphonomy & Palaeoecology, Research & Systematic Methods, and Micropalaeontology.

In addition, this year (2014) I have also worked as an invigilator for the Exams Office.