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Professor Joachim Gottsmann

Volcanology and Geophysics

My prime research interest is the investigation of processes relating to fluid and magma migration and emplacement in the Earth’s crust and the effect on volcanic processes.

I am particularly interested in restless volcanoes and preeruptive processes using multi-parameter datasets including gravity changes and ground deformation. These investigations permit the quantification of mass, density and stress variations at depth, which are employed to shed light on recharge processes in magmatic and/or hydrothermal systems at depth. Modeling of processes which explain observed data provide insights on subsurface dynamics. Another avenue of research is volcanic threat analysis and the study of the perception of volcanic risk in communities affected by volcanic phenomena.
I am also interested in the quantification of physicochemical properties of silicate melts, particularly the thermodynamics of glass-rich flows and the interaction between melt rheology and eruptive processes

My current research is funded by the Royal Society, the Natural Environmental Research Council and the EC.



EASC10002/4 Environmental Hazards

EASCM0010 Research Project; Geology Coordinator

Research keywords

  • volcano
  • magma
  • eruption
  • ground deformation
  • fluid migration
  • hydrothermal systems
  • potential fields
  • silicate melts
  • thermodynamics
  • numerical modelling
  • numerical simulation