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Group leader: Dr Oliver Lord

The Petrology research group uses a combination of high-pressure and high-temperature experiments, petrology, geochemistry, and mineral physics to attack a wide range of problems in the solid earth from the core to the surface.

High-pressure and high-temperature research at the University of Bristol dates from 1989 with the establishment of the Centre for Experimental and Theoretical Study for the Earth's Interior (CETSEI) by Bernard Wood and Michael Carroll.

From modest beginnings, with two piston cylinder apparatus, a vertical quench furnace and three cold seal pressure vessels in a lean-to, the group has grown into the largest experimental petrology group in the UK.

We have strong links to the Geochemistry and Volcanology research groups in the school and several Petrology members are affiliated to other research groups.

Current research themes include: the origin and evolution of the core and mantle; insights into deep earth processes using inclusions in diamonds; magma generation in the mantle and in deep crustal hot zones; the kinetics of crystallisation; trace element partitioning between minerals, melts and fluids; the origin of volatile-rich magmas and the Earth's deep volatile cycle.

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