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Dr Christopher Coath

I study the evolution of the early solar system. Isotopic characterisation of primitive meteorites provides insights into stellar inputs to the proto-solar nebula and hence the astrophysical context in which the solar system formed.

Short-lived radio nuclides, extant in the early solar system, can provide constraints on the timing of formation and differentiation of the earliest solids in the solar system and constrain nebula heterogeneity.

Central to my interest in this work is the development of new techniques and instrumentation to advance the field such as the collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific to build 'Proteus', a collision-cell multicollector inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometer.  Current technique development includes a novel 'double-spike' method for making accurate isotope ratio measurements on 3-isotope systems such as magnesium and silicon.

Research keywords

  • Isotopic characterisation
  • meteorites
  • solar system
  • isotope analyses