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Dr Yvonne Wren


I am Director of Bristol Speech and Language Therapy Research Unit at North Bristol NHS Trust. Our focus is on carrying out research which helps individuals who live with any kind of communication or swallowing impairment. This includes people who have problems with speech production, language understanding or expression, stuttering, social communication disorders such as autism, voice problems including laryngetomy and people with swallowing or eating difficulties. Our research covers both developmental and acquired conditions and includes cleft palate, stroke and many others. I have a special interest in how children develop their speech skills and what happens when children's speech doesn't develop as it should. I have worked with the ALSPAC dataset for many years and I am now leading on the collection of speech and language data for the UK Cleft Collective Gene Bank study.

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Key words

  • speech development
  • language development
  • speech disorder
  • language disorder
  • communication needs
  • cleft lip and palate