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Publication - Dr Richard Mears

    Oral hygiene as a risk factor in infective endocarditis


    Haworth, JA, Mears, RG, Jenkinson, HF, Kerrigan, SW & Nobbs, AH, 2017, ‘Oral hygiene as a risk factor in infective endocarditis’. Dental Update, vol 44., pp. 877-890


    There are many known associations between oral and systemic diseases. This review paper summarizes the proposed mechanisms underlying the links between dental disease and cardiovascular disease before introducing recent research regarding bacteria-platelet interactions. New protein factors have been identified on dental plaque bacteria. One of these, PadA, triggers blood to clot. This research provides new information about how Streptococcus bacteria and platelets interact and could lead to the development of new ways to control the formation of blood clots caused by micro-organisms that access the bloodstream.

    Full details in the University publications repository