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Publication - Professor John Eveson

    Oral Cavity


    Eveson, JW & Pring, M, 2017, ‘Oral Cavity’. in: Antonio Cardesa, Pieter Slootweg, Nina Gale, Alessandro Franchi (eds) Pathology of the Head and Neck. Springer Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 129-177


    This chapter covers the pathology of mucosal and soft tissue lesions of the oral cavity. The basic embryology, anatomy and histology of the mouth are discussed, together with some practical applications of this knowledge. This is followed by a consideration of embryonic rests and heterotopia. The major sections are divided into: vesiculo-bullous disease; ulcerative lesions; white lesions; pigmentations, including nevi and melanoma; hyperplastic lesions; benign tumours and pseudotumours; and squamous cell carcinoma. The latter section is restricted mainly to the clinical features and oral regional variations of this tumour.

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