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Longitudinal impact of demographic and clinical variables on health-related quality of life in cystic fibrosis

Elastography of the normal canine liver, spleen and kidneys.

‘Development in reverse’? A longitudinal analysis of armed conflict, fragility and school enrolment

Don't birth cohorts matter? A commentary and simulation exercise on Reither, Hauser, and Yang's (2009) age–period–cohort study of obesity

Another ’futile quest’? A simulation study of Yang and Land’s Hierarchical Age-Period-Cohort model

'All in it together'? Social cohesion in a dividing society: attitudes to income inequality and redistribution in a residential context

Multilevel Confirmatory Ordinal Factor Analysis of the Life Skills Profile–16

Horse-, training- and race-level risk factors for palmar/plantar osteochondral disease in the racing Thoroughbred

Determinants of firms' investment behaviour: A multilevel approach

Measuring determinants of post-compulsory participation in science: a comparative study using national data

Entrepreneurship, Social Capital, and Institutions: Social and Commercial Entrepreneurship Across Nations

School reform and opportunity throughout the lifecourse: the Lothian Birth Cohort 1936

The attainment of pupils in Gaelic-medium primary education in Scotland

Residential mobility, neighbourhood deprivation and children’s behaviour

What Makes a Bully a Cyberbully? Unravelling the Characteristics of Cyberbullies across Twenty-Five European Countries

Multilevel Modelling of Modern Contraceptive Use among Rural and Urban Population of Ethiopia

New insights from the decline in home advantage observed in Football post World War2

Living apart, losing sympathy? How neighbourhood context affects attitudes to redistribution and to welfare recipients

Does inequality erode social trust? Results from multilevel models of US states and counties

Longitudinal association between lung function and health-related quality of life in cystic fibrosis

The quadratic relationship between socioeconomic status and learning performance in China by multilevel analysis: Implications for policies to foster education equity

Variance components estimation for continuous and discrete data, with emphasis on cross-classified sampling designs

Multilevel analysis of environmental Salmonella prevalences and management practices on 49 broiler breeder farms in four southeastern states, U.S.A.

Heterogeneity of hunting ability and nutritional status among domestic dogs in lowland Nicaragua

Patterns of Therapist Variability: Therapist Effects & the Contribution Of Patient Severity & Risk

Cognitive ability, area deprivation, and young children’s emotional and behavioral problems

Patient, practice and organizational influences on asthma control. Observational data from a national study on primary care in the United Kingdom.

Ethnic and social disparity in glycaemic control in type 2 diabetes; cohort study in general practice 2004–9

The Geography of Well-Being

Is success in obtaining contact and cooperation correlated with the magnitude of interviewer variance

Do some trusts deliver a consistently better experience for patients? An analysis of patient experience across acute care surveys in English NHS trusts

Getting "Sicker Quicker": does living in a more deprived neighbourhood mean your health deteriorates faster?

Culture and the Distinctiveness Motive: Constructing Identity in Individualistic and Collectivistic Contexts

Place attachment in deprived neighbourhoods: the impacts of population turnover and social mix

Contextual variations in ethnic group differences in educational attainments

The use of National Data sets to Baseline Science Education Reform: Exploring Value-Added Approaches

Modeling data with structural and temporal correlation using lower level and higher level multilevel models

Does ethnic diversity erode trust? Putnam's 'hunkering down' thesis reconsidered

Do neighborhoods generate fear of crime? An empirical test using the British Crime Survey

Do social inequalities in health widen or converge with age? Longitudinal evidence from three cohorts in the West of Scotland

Ageing, Social Class, and Common Mental Disorders: Longitudinal Evidence from Three Cohorts in the West of Scotland

Have new street lighting schemes reduced crime in London?

Using field process data to predict best times of contact conditioning on household and interviewer influences

Multilevel modelling of social segregation

Understanding uncertainty in school league tables

Rater effects on essay scoring: A multilevel analysis of severity drift, central tendency and rater experience

Continuous monitoring of pop hole usage by commercially housed free range hens throughout the production cycle

Estimating research performance by using research grant award gradings

Relationships between multiple welfare indicators measured in individual chickens across different time periods and environments

Decisions about foraging and risk trade-offs in chickens are associated with individual somatic response profile

Statistical modelling of neighbour treatment effects in aquaculture clinical trials

Is traditional contraceptive use in Moldova associated with poverty and isolation?

Investigating perceptions of antisocial behaviour and neighbourhood ethnic heterogeneity in the British Crime Survey

Site-Specific Gingival Bleeding on Probing in a Steady-State Plaque Environment: Influence of Polymorphisms in the Interleukin-1 Gene Cluster

Area and family effects on the psychopathology of the Millennium Cohort Study children and their older siblings

Modeling risks: Effects of area deprivation, family socio-economic disadvantage, and adverse life events on young children’s psychopathology.

Adverse life events, area socioeconomic disadvantage, and psychopathology and resilience in young children: The importance of risk factors’ accumulation and protective factors’ specificity

Adverse life events, area socio-economic disadvantage, and adolescent psychopathology: The role of closeness to grandparents in moderating the effect of contextual stress

Do some schools narrow the gap? Differential school effectiveness by ethnicity, gender, poverty and prior achievement

Cultural differences in the relationships among autonomy support, psychological need satisfaction, subjective vitality, and effort in British and Chinese physical education.

Using a hierarchical model to estimate risk-adjusted mortality for hospitals not included in the reference sample

Predicting risk-adjusted mortality for trauma patients: Logistic versus multilevel logistic models

Negative affect and ruminative self-focus during everyday goal pursuit

Modelling Residential Mobility: Factors Associated with the Movement of Children in Greater Johannesburg

Effects of Interviewer Attitudes and Behaviors on Refusal in Household Surveys

Children's educational progress: partitioning family, school and area effects

The risk factors affecting the development of gentle and severe feather pecking in loose housed laying hens

The response of untamed (unbroken) ponies to conditions of road transport

Effects of crowding and low oxygen on blood constituents and flesh quality variables in Atlantic salmon

Muscle pH, rigor mortis and blood variables in Atlantic salmon during transportation in two types of wellboat

Effects of commercial live transportation and preslaughter handling of Atlantic salmon on blood constituents

Factors affecting the mortality of weaned piglets during commercial transports between farms

Pupil composition and accountability: an analysis in English primary schools

Statistical modelling of repeated measurement data

Use of individual cow milk recording data at the start of lactation to predict the calving to conception interval

Mixed effect modelling of proteomic mass spectrometry data using Gaussian mixtures

Consistency, transitivity and inter-relationships between measures of choice in environmental preference tests with chickens

Multilevel modeling of gingival bleeding on probing in young adult carriers of non-JP2-like strains of Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans

Dealing with hierarchical data in periodontal research

The effect of newer anti-rheumatic drugs on osteogenic cell proliferation: an in-vitro study

The Use of Simple Reparameterisations in MCMC Estimation of Multilevel Models with Applications to Discrete-Time Survival Models

The limitations of using school league tables to inform school choice

The complexity of school and neighbourhood effects and movements of pupils on school differences in models of educational achievement

The development, implementation and testing of a lameness-control programme based on HACCP principles and designed for heifers on dairy farms

Multivariate multilevel modelling of childhood growth, numbers of growth measurements and adult characteristics

Handling attrition and non-response in longitudinal data

Adjusting for measurement error in the value added model: evidence from Portugal

Associations between welfare indicators and environmental choice in laying hens

Use of posterior predictive assessments to evaluate model fit in multilevel logistic regression

Multilevel Modelling of Refusal and noncontact in Household Surveys: Evidence from Six UK Government Surveys

Modeling mucosal dimensions after implantation of a bio-absorbable membrane for surgical root coverage

Science knowledge and attitudes across cultures: a meta-analysis

Ruminative self-focus, negative life events, and negative affect

Ruminative self-focus and negative affect: An experience sampling study

Multilevel Models for Longitudinal Data

Leg disorders in broiler chickens: prevalence, risk factors and prevention

Effects of transportation in a well-boat on the muscle pH and onset of rigor mortis in Atlantic Salmon

Factors affecting the mortality of pigs being transported to slaughter

Modelling measurement errors and category misclassifications in multilevel models

School league tables: what can they really tell us?

Towards humane end points: behavioural changes precede clinical signs of disease in a Huntington's disease model

Cow, farm, and herd management factors in the dry period associated with raised somatic cell counts in early lactation

A combination of alleles 2 of interleukin (IL)-1A(-889) and IL-1B(+3954) is associated with lower gingival bleeding tendency in plaque-induced gingivitis in young adults of Arabic heritage

A bivariate multi-level model, which avoids mathematical coupling in the study of change and initial periodontal attachment level after therapy

The Effect of School Resources on Student Attainment: A Multilevel Simultaneous Equation Modelling Approach

Modelling the effect of pupil mobility on school differences in educational achievement

Multilevel structural equation models for the analysis of comparative data on educational performance

Cow, farm, and management factors during the dry period that determine the rate of clinical mastitis after calving

Using cross-classified multivariate mixed response models with application to life history traits in great tits (Parus major)

Effect of triclosan/copolymer-containing toothpaste on the association between plaque and gingival bleeding: a randomized controlled clinical trial

Modelling repeated ordinal reports from multiple informants

The Formation and Outcomes of Cohabiting and Marital Partnerships in Early Adulthood: The Role of Previous Partnership Experience

A multilevel factor model for mixed binary and ordinal indicators of women's status

Estimation in generalised linear mixed models with binary outcomes by simulated maximum likelihood

Holliday’s engine mapping experiment revisited: a design problem with 2-level repeated measures data

Seasonal variation of bulk milk somatic cell counts in UK dairy herds: investigations of the summer rise

MCMC Algorithms for constrained variance matrices

A comparison of Bayesian and likelihood-based methods for fitting multilevel models

Changing compatibility of cohabitation and childbearing between young British women born in 1958 and 1970

Gingival bleeding on repeat probing after different time intervals in plaque-induced gingivitis

Variance components of gingival thickness

Modelling Behaviour with Multivariate Multilevel Growth Curves

Generalized linear mixed models for ordered responses in complex multilevel structures: effects beneath the school or college in education

A multilevel investigation of the relationship between role ambiguity and role efficacy in sport

Variance partitioning in multilevel logistic models that exhibit over-dispersion

The Relationship between Childbearing and Transitions from Marriage and Cohabitation in Britain

Consistency in reasoning scores over time

Population effects on individual systolic blood pressure: a multilevel analysis of the World Health Organization MONICA Project.

A flexible procedure for analyzing longitudinal event histories using a multilevel model

Scaling for residual variance components of ordered category responses in generalised linear mixed multilevel models

An illustration of the use of reparameterisation methods for improving MCMC efficiency in crossed random effect models

A General Multistate Competing Risks Model for Event History Data, with an Application to a Study of Contraceptive Use Dynamics

A general multilevel multistate competing risks model for event history data, with an application to a study of contraceptive use dynamics

A Multilevel Mixture Model for Event History Data with Long-term Survivors: An application to an Analysis of Contraceptive Sterilisation in Bangladesh

Modelling social segregation

Multilevel ordinal models for examination grades

Estimation of a large cross-classified multilevel model to study academic achievement in a modular degree course

Modelling Impact Heterogeneity

The Effects of Kin on Child Mortality in Rural Gambia

A comparison of modelling strategies for value added analyses of educational data

Teaching groups as foci for evaluating performance in cost-effectiveness of GCE Advanced Level provision: some practical methodological innovations

Multivariate multilevel analysis of examination results

Multilevel modelling of medical data

Partitioning variation in multilevel models

Multilevel factor analysis modelling using Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) estimation

Bayesian and likelihood methods for fitting multilevel models with complex level-1 variation

A study of class size effects in English school reception year classes

Explanatory Models for Relating Growth Processes

Survival after initial hospitalisation for heart failure: a multilevel analysis of patients in Swedish acute care hospitals

Savings/Credit Group Formation and Change in Contraception

Predicting the future: the role of past performance in determining trends in institutional effectiveness at A level

The difficulty of ranking schools: the limits to 'value-added'

Using pupil performance data for judging schools and teachers: scope and limitations

Measuring the relationship between resources and outcomes in higher education in the UK

Modelling non-hierarchical structures

Multiple membership multiple classification (MMMC) models

Evaluating Educational Interventions using Multilevel Growth Curves: The Case of Reading Recovery

Multilevel models for repeated binary outcomes: attitudes and voting over the electoral cycle

A multilevel model framework for meta-analysis of clinical trials with binary outcomes

Meta-analysis using multilevel models with an application to the study of class size effects

Multilevel models in the study of dynamic household structures

Implementation and performance issues in the Bayesian and likelihood fitting of multilevel models

Ethnic group, sex and economic disadvantage: Associations with pupils' educational progress from Baseline to the end of KS1

Multilevel modelling of the geographical distribution of diseases

Why use arbitrary points scores? Ordered categories in models of educational progress

The Impact of Family Planning Service Provision on Contraceptive Use Dynamics in Morocco

Contraceptive Switching in Bangladesh

Weighting for unequal selection probabilities in multilevel models.

Multi-level repeated measures growth modelling using extended spline functions

Multilevel modeling of educational data with cross-classification and missing identification for units

The consequences of drop-outs on the cost-effectiveness of 16-19 colleges

Multi-level models for longitudinal growth norms

The influence of secondary and junior schools on sixteen year examination performance: a cross-classified multilevel analysis

Perspectives on performance indicators: GCE Advanced Level and differences between institution types in cost effectiveness

Immunization Uptake in Rural Bangladesh: a Multilevel Analysis

Multilevel analysis of the changing relationship between class and party in Britain 1964-1992

Changes and improvements in schools' effectiveness: trends over five years

Using examination results as indicators of school and college performance

League tables and their limitations: statistical issues in comparisons of institutional performance

Improved approximations for multilevel models with binary responses

The Determinants of the Duration of Contraceptive Use in China: A Multilevel Multinomial Discrete Hazards Modelling Approach

A multilevel analysis of school improvement: changes in schools’ performance over time

Multilevel time series models with applications to repeated measures data

Efficient analysis of mixed hierarchical and cross-classified random structures using a multilevel model

Multilevel cross-classified models

Institutional disparities in the cost effectiveness of GCE A-Level provision: a multi-level approach

A multilevel analysis of school examination results

A two-level cross-sectional model using grafted polynomials

Multi-level statistical models in studies of periodontal diseases

New statistical methods for analysing social structures: an introduction to multilevel models

Multilevel modelling of complex survey data

Nonlinear multilevel models, with an application to discrete response data

Differential school effectiveness

Restricted (unbiased) iterative generalised least squares estimation

Flexible models for the analysis of growth data with application to height prediction

A General Model for the Analysis of Multilevel Data

Multilevel Mixed Linear Model Analysis Using Iterative Generalised Least Squares


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