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Dr Justice Archer

Dr Justice Archer

Dr Justice Archer

Research Associate

Cantock's Close,
Clifton, Bristol BS8 1TS
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Research summary

Drying Kinetics of Aerosol Microdroplets: Light scattering properties and particle formation

 The evaporation of aerosol droplets containing suspensions of submicron solid particles is encountered in various engineering fields, e.g. pharmaceutical industry, bioengineering, food industry and cosmetics. Most often, the drying of such aerosol droplet systems results in the formation of particles with diverse morphologies depended on a priori process parameters of the drying conditions and the feed parameters.  Understanding what controls, the final morphology of the final dry particle is, therefore, a key issue for most industrial applications. The droplet evaporation kinetics during the evaporation process, as well ...

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Justice Archer is a Research Associate at the University of Bristol, Bristol Aerosol Research Centre (BARC).  His current research interests include particle formation from drying aerosol droplets on a per-drop basis to understand the influence of process parameters on dry particle morphology, particularly those encountered in spray-drying processes. 

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