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Dr Karin Kjernsmo


I graduated in Biology from the University of Gothenburg in 2009. I then started a PhD entitled "Anti-predator adaptations in aquatic environments" with Dr. Sami Merilaita (Åbo Akademi) and prof. Jörgen I. Johnsson (University of Gothenburg) at Åbo Akademi University (Turku, Finland) in 2009.

In April 2014, I obtained my PhD degree (final grade: Pass with Honours), and for my thesis "Anti-predator Adaptations in Aquatic Environments" I was awarded the OIKOS Finland prize for the best PhD-thesis in Ecology and Evolutionary biology 2014 (received 2015). A .pdf version of the Introduction to my PhD thesis can be found from here

In late July 2015 I moved from Turku to Bristol and started working in CamoLab as a Research Associate on a 3-year BBSRC funded project investigating whether iridescence can be deceptive.