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Dr Jordi Paps Montserrat


I am an evolutionary biologist who combines comparative genomics and phylogenetics to understand major evolutionary transitions. I did my PhD and first postdoc in Barcelona (Spain). The topic of my PhD (Universitat de Barcelona, Dr Marta Riutort’s lab) was the molecular phylogeny of the Animal Kingdom, and my first postdoc (2009, Parc Científic de Barcelona; Dr Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo’s team) focused on the relationships between animals and their close eukaryote relatives. My second postdoc took me to the Department of Zoology (University of Oxford, Prof Peter W.H. Holland’s group), where I started a new research line on comparative genomics and gene family evolution to understand the origin and evolution of the Animal Kingdom.

In 2015 I joined the University of Essex as lecturer (2015), and later I moved to the University of Bristol (2019). Now I am expanding those analyses to other major transitions, like the origin of plants, animal parasites, or the evolution of animals with bilateral symmetry. More info at