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Dr Chris Clements

Dr Chris Clements

Dr Chris Clements
BSc, PhD


Area of research

Experimental ecology & conservation

Bristol Life Sciences Building,
24 Tyndall Avenue, Bristol BS8 1TQ
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+44 (0) 117 39 41203



I did my Ph.D. University of Sheffield, UK,  spent time as a post doc at the University of Zürich and University of Melbourne. My interests centre on the extinction of species and collapse of populations, topics which I investigate using a combination of mathematical models, microcosm experiments, and analysis of real world population data.

My current work focuses on developing and testing early warning signals of population collapse, with a view to predicting regime shifts prior to their occurrence. 


Brief CV

2018 onwards - Lecturer, University of Bristol

2017 to 2018 – SNSF fellow, the University of Melbourne‚Äč

2014 to 2017 – Postdoc, the University of Zürich

2010 to 2014 – Ph.D. student, University of Sheffield 

Activities / Findings

I work on the interface between experimental ecology and conservation biology, with a focus on using and developing small scale experimental systems to understand the world around us, and how we might best conserve it.

To do this my group and I focuss on synthesising information from mathematical models, small-scale experimental systems, and long-term wild population data, with a particular focus on developing new, exciting, and useful techniques to make the experimental systems we work with more realistic. Our focus is always on how we can learn more about the natural world without having to carry out invasive or damaging experiments in the field.





School of Biological Sciences

Recent publications

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