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Dr Andy Wakefield


Human-wildlife conflict, specifically the impact of light pollution on the environment.

Research keywords

  • Street lighting
  • insects
  • LED
  • LEDs
  • moths
  • bats
  • nocturnal
  • light trapping

Research methods

  • Insect identification
  • Light trapping
  • bat call recording
  • echolocation analysis.

Research equipment

  • LED street lights
  • metal halide street lights
  • Infra-Red Imaging System
  • custom-made insect traps

Research findings

2013 - 2016: For my PhD thesis I investigated how new technology street lights, specifically light-emitting diodes (LEDs) might be affecting insect behaviour and ecology.

2009 - 2012. Prior to my PhD I collaborated on a few different bat-related research projects based at the University of Bristol.