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Dr Bernadette Carroll

Dr Bernadette Carroll

Dr Bernadette Carroll

Wellcome Trust Research Fellow

Office EW10
Biomedical Sciences Building,
University Walk, Bristol BS8 1TD
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Research summary

We are interested in the mechanisms controlling the spatial regulation of nutrient homeostasis in health, senescence and cancer.

In healthy cells, a dynamic balance between biosynthesis, degradation and recycling supports growth. This is controlled, at least in part by the pro-growth mammalian target of rapamycin complex 1 (mTORC1) and the degradative autophagy-lysosome pathway. mTORC1 is activated by nutrients and energy to control protein translation, lipid and nucleotide synthesis while autophagy involves the sequestration of cytoplasmic contents in both selective and non-selective (bulk) ways to deliver them to the lysosome for degradation. Importantly, there is extremely tight reciprocal control between mTORC1 ...

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After completing my BSc in Biology at Imperial College London, I stayed on to do a BBSRC-funded MRes-PhD program in the lab of Dr Vania Braga. My PhD focused on the cross-talk between signalling and membrane trafficking events mediated by a TBC/RabGAP protein, TBC1D2A/Armus to control proper cycling of Rab7 and autophagy (Dev. Cell 2013).

After my PhD, I moved to the lab of Dr Viktor Korolchuk at Newcastle University as a Research Associate. During my time in the Korolchuk lab we worked on a variety of projects studying the basic mechanisms of mTORC1 activity and autophagy in ...

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