University of Bristol DBMS sites

This is the home of a number of sub-site web applications that integrate with the University of Bristol's web content systems,
ie the CMS, Portal, PURE, or any other site (technical details)

Currently it consists of the following applications:

1. People profiler

The people profiler allows you to edit your public profile for display on your department's and / or research theme's website.
If you are a member of staff or researcher at the University, please edit your personal details for your staff listing or research profile.

People profiler site administrators for the sites below also edit their sites here

The system has editable inline help and Help guides / wikis

Currently the following 69 sites with 10171 people's profiles, are available in the profiler:

Note: If your site is not available then you will need to contact your site administrator regarding maintaining your details via the main university CMS

There is some technical documentation and training materials related to this system available, there is also the page help, within the edit screens - which can be edited by site administrators.

2. Centre for Multilevel Modelling (CMM) gallery and showcase

3. Public Relations Office sites

4. Reports

General database reporting tool

5. Content Management Systems tools

Migration and management

6. RED Ethics online tool

7. University News aggregator

News site for URL based querying

8. UoB sites audit crawler

9. Personal public file repository

Your files

The DBMS system is an application integration framework based on Django.

It can be used for web applications that use the datahub or other data sources and integrate with the University CMS, Portal and any other web site as required.
It was designed to cater for plugging in custom functionality to institutional level systems (ie ones unsuited to departmental / non-generic customisations).

So providing customisation and small application development features without being tied to the increasingly large range of diverse bespoke systems the University has procured - in terms of development and ongoing maintenance costs.

Any web site design can be replicated around DBMS content, or it can be served to them via syndication formats - RSS, XML etc.

Any data source can be connected to and modelled with its extended object relational / nosql mapper tools, for edit or display. Schema migration and automatic form generation features greatly simplify dependency maintenance.