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Publication - Dr Andrew Doherty

    The role of JAK-STAT signaling within the CNS


    Nicolas, CS, Amici, M, Bortolotto, ZA, Doherty, A, Csaba, Z, Fafouri, A, Dournaud, P, Gressens, P, Collingridge, GL & Peineau, S, 2013, ‘The role of JAK-STAT signaling within the CNS’. JAK-STAT, vol 2.


    JAK-STAT is an efficient and highly regulated system mainly dedicated to the regulation of gene expression. Primarily identified as functioning in hematopoietic cells, its role has been found critical in all cell types, including neurons. This review will focus on JAK-STAT functions in the mature central nervous system. Our recent research suggests the intriguing possibility of a non-nuclear role of STAT3 during synaptic plasticity. Dysregulation of the JAK-STAT pathway in inflammation, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases positions it at the heart of most brain disorders, highlighting the importance to understand how it can influence the fate and functions of brain cells.

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