Professor Harriet Bradley

Professor Harriet Bradley

Professor Harriet Bradley
Emeritus Professor of Sociology

11 Priory Road, Clifton, Bristol
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School of Sociology, Politics and International Studies

Personal profile

Harriet Bradley is a specialist in the study of women's employment. Her broader research interests are the sociology of gender, feminism, industrial relations and the sociology of work, along with a general interest in social divisions and inequalities. A developing interest is in issues around women, health and maternity


Currently Harriet is working on four funded research projects: one on young adults in the labour market (ESRC); one on women's experiences of early miscarriage (NHS); one studying young Turks alongside the Bangladeshi from the point of view of deprivation, ethnicity and youth prospects (Joseph Rowntree Foundation); and one investigating the role of trade unions in promoting employment opportunities for ethnic minority women (ESRC's Future of Work programme).

Key publications

  1. Bradley, H & Devadason, R, 2008, ‘Fractured Transitions: Young Adults' Pathways into Contemporary Labour Markets’. Sociology, vol 42., pp. 119 - 136
  2. Frost, J, Bradley, H, Levitas, R, Smith, L & Garcia, J, 2007, ‘The loss of possibility: scientisation of death and the special case of early miscarriage’. Sociology of Health and Illness, vol 29 (7)., pp. 1003 - 1022
  3. Bradley, H, 2007, ‘Gender’. Polity Press
  4. Smith, L, Frost, J, Levitas, R, Bradley, H & Garcia, J, 2006, ‘Women's experiences of early miscarriage management options: a qualitative study’. British Journal of General Practice, vol 56., pp. 198 - 205
  5. Bradley, H, 2006, ‘Whose Flexibility? British Employees' Responses to Flexible Capitalism’. in: Egil J Skorstad, Helge Ramsdal (eds) International Workshop on Flexibility, Frederikstad, Norway. Ostfold University College, pp. 91 - 108

Latest publications

  1. Bathmaker, A-M, Ingram, N, Abrahams, J, Hoare, T, Waller, R & Bradley, H, 2016, ‘Higher education, social class and social mobility: The degree generation’. Palgrave Macmillan
  2. Atkinson, W & Bradley, H, 2013, ‘Ordinary Lives in Contemporary Britain: A Preliminary Report of Findings’.
  3. Bradley, H, Cynthia, F, Geraldine, H & Kaul, P, 2007, ‘Ethnic Minority Women and Workplace Cultures: what works and what’. Equal Opportunities Commission, UK
  4. Bradley, H & van Hoof, J, 2005, ‘Young People in Europe’. Policy Press
  5. Enneli, P, Modood, T & Bradley, H, 2005, ‘Young Turks and Kurds: A Set of Invisible Disadvantaged Groups’. Joseph Rowntree Foundation

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