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Dr Edgar Buhl

Dr Edgar Buhl

Dr Edgar Buhl
Diploma, Dr rer nat (Leipzig)

Research Fellow

Area of research

Optogenetic imaging and remote control of a fly electrical clock

Office F36
Biomedical Sciences Building,
University Walk, Bristol BS8 1TD
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Research summary

Many believe that understanding the human brain is one of the greatest challenges facing 21st century science. The difficulty here is immediately clear from the vast numbers of nerve cells or neurons (about 86 billion) in a human brain. Less obvious is the minute scale of nervous systems construction with many neurons only 0.01 mm in diameter. Problems of size and complexity have led to the study of simpler animals like snails, squid and flies that have complex behaviour but many fewer, often larger, neurons. In my research I wish to understand how nervous systems allow animals to behave ...

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I am a neurobiologist interested in animal behaviour and the underlying neuronal networks. I use both insects and simple vertebrates as experimental animals, whose central nervous systems contain relatively few, easily accessible neurons. By doing this it is possible to work on identified cells and single neurons that are known to control complex behaviour. I currently study the Drosophila circadian clock system, including sleep, age-dependent effects and age-related diseases that also have circadian and sleep deficits (e.g. Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s). My research methods range from behavioural experiments, neuroanatomy, pharmacology, optogenetics and in vivo imaging to intra- and extracellular electrophysiological ...

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