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Dr Dawn Davies

Dr Dawn Davies

Dr Dawn Davies
B.Sc., Ph.D.(Bristol)

Senior Lecturer

Area of research

Cell adhesion molecules in neuronal precursor migration

Office D3a
Biomedical Sciences Building,
University Walk, Bristol BS8 1TD
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Tel. +44 (0) 117 331 2305

Research summary

The signalling events that occur during development of the nervous system provide clues to potential techniques for stimulating adult nerve regeneration. The aim of this project is to study the role of the integrin family of cell adhesion molecules in auditory nerve development and to use that information to guide studies on neural attachment and migration on cochlear implant electrodes.

Cochlear implants compensate for hair cell loss by supplying direct electrical stimulation to auditory ganglion cells via electrodes placed in the cochlear duct. However, neurones degenerate following hair cell loss therefore, this technology is only of benefit to those who ...

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