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Miss Elena Paci

Miss Elena Paci

Miss Elena Paci


Area of research

Neural dynamics of survival circuits

Office F41
Biomedical Sciences Building,
University Walk, Bristol BS8 1TD
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Research summary

Insights gained into CNS mechanisms underlying emotional behaviours are important in the development of strategies to improve emotional disorders and animal welfare. Little is known about the way central ‘emotional’ circuits engage with the motor system to generate the highly characteristic responses essential for survival (i.e. fight, flight or freezing).

My project explores and characterizes relationships between the cerebellum and key components of survival networks. I’ve been identifying neural pathways between cerebellum and periaqueductal grey (PAG) with neuronal tracers (AAV(1)-CAG-tdTomato and AAV(r)-CAG-GFP), and with electrophysiological mapping in an anaesthetised animal to identify direct or multisynaptic ...

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I am a third year PhD student on the Neural Dynamics programme, funded by the Wellcome Trust. 

I am currently investigating the role of the cerebellum in fear responses - under the supervision of Richard Apps, Bridget Lumb and Rosalyn Moran (now at KCL). Specifically, I'm interested in what are the dynamics by which the cerebellum communicates with other areas (e.g. PAG, amygdala, PFC) of the fear network to produce defensive behaviours. 

To answer this question, I use a range of experimental techniques in the rat (anatomical tracing, acute and chronic electrophysiology, chemogenetics, behaviour) combined with dynamic causal ...

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Recent publications

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