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Professor George Banting

Membrane traffic pathways in mammalian cells

Identification and characterisation of:

  1. intramolecular signals involved in the faithful sorting/targeting/retention of integral membrane proteins specific to different intracellular organelles
  2. the intracellular machinery required to recognise these signals.

This research involves techniques from the fields of both molecular and cell biology. Interest is focused on the Golgi apparatus, specifically the trans-Golgi Network (TGN). The TGN is a major site of intracellular protein sorting at the exit site from the Golgi stack.

We have particular interest in a specific integral membrane protein, TGN38, which cycles between the TGN and the cell surface. The regulated expression of wild type and mutated forms of this protein in stably transfected cells is providing us with much information concerning the mechanisms which govern membrane traffic in this part of the cell. We are in addition interested in the role(s) played by a specific membrane associated isoform of IP3 3-kinase and another protein (DAMP-1) which, like TGN38, cycles between the TGN and the cell surface.

We study the trafficking of TGN38, DAMP-1 and other proteins, using molecules tagged with the Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP) of the jellyfish A. victoria.

Research keywords

  • Golgi
  • TGN
  • lipids
  • endocytosis
  • secretion