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Professor Gary Foster


He won the Norbrook Laboratories Medal 1988 for research, his AFRC Fellowship (BBSRC Advanced Research Fellowship) in 1992, and the Society for Experimental Biology President's Medal awarded for significant contribution to experimental biology in 1994. Professor Foster has authored more than 100 scientific papers, reviews and books.

Professor Foster has served as a member of BBSRC Grant Committee and Network Groups, as well as involvement as Member of Review Panel of BBSRC Molecular basis of resistance and pathogenicity in plant disease programme, and as a Member of BBSRC RAE Institute Assessment Exercise Science Panel. Additional roles have included Panel Member of Biotech/ Molecular/ Biomedical Enterprise-Ireland Grant Board, member of the Adjudication Panel for Science & Technology R&D Funding in Ireland (Strand I), and then as Chair of the Adjudication Panel for Science & Technology R&D Funding in Ireland; and Commonwealth Studentship & Fellowship Advisory Panel.

He has contributed as an advisor/member to a range of national and international organisations, these have included Member & Chair of subgroup of International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses, FAO/IPGRI Technical guidelines for the safe movement of germplasm, and GM adviser to the Food Standards Agency through the Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes (ACNFP) 2003 –2009.

He has served as an editor on a range of journals including Plant Pathology, Molecular Biotechnology, and Molecular Plant Pathology On-Line; and is currently the Editor-in-Chief ofleading international journal Molecular Plant Pathology (1999-present). He has also has the pleasure of refereeing and assessing for a wide range of international journals and funding bodies, acting on Professorial selection panels, as well as roles as External Examiner on undergraduate and postgraduate courses, and PhD examinations (both national and international).