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Name Job title Email Phone number
Ms Tessa Alexander Senior Systems Developer Tel. (0117) 4550517
Mr Stephen Gray Head of Research Support Tel. (0117) 39 41074
Ms Debra Hiom Assistant Director of Library Services (Research Services) Alt. (0117) 39 41134Telephone Number
Mr Mike Jones Senior Systems Developer Tel. (0117) 4550892
Ms Carolyn McKinnon Planning and Resources Officer Tel. (0117) 4550338
Dr Kieren Pitts Senior Systems Developer Tel. (0117) 4550242
Dr Simon Price Honorary Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 39 41626
Mr Paul Shabajee Honorary Research Fellow,Research Fellow Tel. (0117) 3315303
Mr Paul Smith Systems Developer Tel. (0117) 4550788
Mr Damian Steer Data Research Software Engineer Tel. (0117) 4550907