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Dr Stephen Chuter

Dr Stephen Chuter

Dr Stephen Chuter

Research Associate in Sea Level Research

Area of research

Remote sensing of ice sheet dynamics and mass balance

Office S1, 12 Berkeley Square
University Road,
Clifton, Bristol BS8 1SS
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Tel. +44 (0) 117 42 82368

Research summary

My research focuses on using remote sensing satellite observations to better understand the response of the Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets to global climate change. These observations are critical to our understanding of how the ice sheets are responding to changes in both atmospheric and oceanic forcing over multiple decades; subsequently improving our ability to assess their present-day contribution to Global Mean Sea Level (GMSL) rise and help inform future projections. I combine these observations with novel statistical approaches to produce reconciled estimates of ice sheet mass balance over the last two decades. These estimates have been included in multi-method ...

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I am currently Research Associate at the University of Bristol, working on the (ERC) GlobalMass Horizon2020 project as lead PDRA of the Land Ice work package. Previously I completed my PhD at the University of Bristol in March 2018, which received a commendation from the Faculty of Science and the 2018 Faculty Doctoral Prize for the Natural Environment and Life Sciences. My research interests and focus over my career to date include: the application of satellite radar altimetry over ice sheets, monitoring ice sheet dynamics using multiple satellite observation datasets, the use of novel statistical methods to ice sheet processes and large ...

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Recent publications

  • Chuter, S, Rougier, J, Mangion, AZ & Bamber, J, 2019, ‘Greenland Monthly Mass Trends Determined Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Modelling Approach’.
  • Cazenave, A, Meyssignac, B, Ablain, M, Balmaseda, M, Bamber, J, Barletta, V, Beckley, B, Benveniste, J, Berthier, E, Blazquez, A, Boyer, T, Caceres, D, Chambers, D, Champollion, N, Chao, B, Chen, J, Cheng, L, Church, JA, Chuter, S, Cogley, JG, Dangendorf, S, Desbruyères, D, Döll, P, Domingues, C, Falk, U, Famiglietti, J, Fenoglio-Marc, L, Forsberg, R, Galassi, G, Gardner, A, Groh, A, Hamlington, B, Hogg, A, Horwath, M, Humphrey, V, Husson, L, Ishii, M, Jaeggi, A, Jevrejeva, S, Johnson, G & others 2018, ‘Global Sea Level Budget 1993-Present’. Earth System Science Data, vol 10., pp. 1551-1590

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