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Dr Richard Westaway

Dr Richard Westaway

Dr Richard Westaway
Ph.D. (Cantab.), BA (Cantab.)

Project Manager

Office S2, 12 Berkeley Square
School of Geographical Sciences,
University Road, Clifton BS8 1SS
(See a map)

Tel. +44 (0) 117 42 82353

Research summary

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I manage the ERC-funded GlobalMass and Deep Purple projects. 

GlobalMass aims to rigorously combine satellite and in-situ data related to different aspects of the sea level budget, so that observed sea level rise can be attributed to its component parts. Visit the project website ( for more details.

Deep Purple investigates the physical and microbial processes which darken the Greenland Ice Sheet and accelerate sea level rise. Visit the project website for more details.

I completed a PhD in the development of remote sensing methods for measurement of large, gravel-bed, braided rivers at Cambridge University ...

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Recent publications

  • Cazenave, A, Meyssignac, B, Ablain, M, Balmaseda, M, Bamber, J, Barletta, V, Beckley, B, Benveniste, J, Berthier, E, Blazquez, A, Boyer, T, Caceres, D, Chambers, D, Champollion, N, Chao, B, Chen, J, Cheng, L, Church, JA, Chuter, S, Cogley, JG, Dangendorf, S, Desbruyères, D, Döll, P, Domingues, C, Falk, U, Famiglietti, J, Fenoglio-Marc, L, Forsberg, R, Galassi, G, Gardner, A, Groh, A, Hamlington, B, Hogg, A, Horwath, M, Humphrey, V, Husson, L, Ishii, M, Jaeggi, A, Jevrejeva, S, Johnson, G & others 2018, ‘Global Sea Level Budget 1993-Present’. Earth System Science Data, vol 10., pp. 1551-1590
  • Bamber, J, Westaway, RM, Marzeion, B & Wouters, B, 2018, ‘The land ice contribution to sea level during the satellite era’. Environmental Research Letters, vol 13.

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