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Publication - Professor Majid Mirmehdi

    Deep Compact Person Re-Identification with Distractor Synthesis via Guided DC-GANs


    Lopez, VP, Burghardt, T, Sun, Y, Hannuna, S, Aldamen, D & Mirmehdi, M, 2019, ‘Deep Compact Person Re-Identification with Distractor Synthesis via Guided DC-GANs’. in: International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing: Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Springer, pp. 488-498


    We present a dual-stream CNN that learns both appearance and facial features in tandem from still images and, after feature fusion, infers person identities. We then describe an alternative architecture of a single, lightweight ID-CondenseNet where a face detector-guided DC-GAN is used to generate distractor person images for enhanced training. For evaluation, we test both architectures on FLIMA, a new extension of an existing person re-identification dataset with added frame-by-frame annotations of face presence. Although the dual-stream CNN can outperform the CondenseNet approach on FLIMA, we show that the latter surpasses all state-of-the-art architectures in top-1 ranking performance when applied to the largest existing person re-identification dataset, MSMT17. We conclude that whilst re-identification performance is highly sensitive to the structure of datasets, distractor augmentation and network compression have a role to play for enhancing performance characteristics for larger scale applications.

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