Dr Yanos Zylberberg

Dr Yanos Zylberberg

Dr Yanos Zylberberg
Senior Lecturer in Economics

The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 3310706

Department of Economics

Personal profile

I joined the University of Bristol in 2014 as Assistant Prof. (Lecturer) in Economics.


Labour Economics, Development, Public Economics, Urban Economics.
My research interests include Macro/Labour, Development and Public Economics. In particular, I have looked in recent papers at quite random questions, e.g., the shape of unemployment benefits, the behaviours of job seekers in recessions, the long-term effects of pollution in Victorian England, tax evasion and fiscal policies, or rural-urban migration in transition economies.


Mathematics, Macroeconomics
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Latest publications

  1. Barnichon, R & Zylberberg, Y, 2019, ‘Under-employment and the trickle-down of unemployment’. American Economic Journal: Macroeconomics, vol 11., pp. 40-78
  2. Heblich, S, Seror, M, Xu, H & Zylberberg, Y, 2019, ‘Industrial clusters in the long run: evidence from Million-Rouble plants in China’. CESifo
  3. Imbert, C, Seror, M, Zhang, Y & Zylberberg, Y, 2018, ‘Migrants and Firms: Evidence from China’. CESifo
  4. Brodeur, A, Lekfuangfu, W & Zylberberg, Y, 2017, ‘War, Migration and the Origins of the Thai Sex Industry’. Journal of the European Economic Association.
  5. Sangnier, M & Zylberberg, Y, 2017, ‘Protests and trust in the state: Evidence from African countries’. Journal of Public Economics, vol 152., pp. 55-67
  6. Pappada, F & Zylberberg, Y, 2017, ‘Austerity and tax compliance’. European Economic Review, vol 100., pp. 506-524
  7. Brodeur, A, Lé, M, Sangnier, M & Zylberberg, Y, 2016, ‘Star Wars: The Empirics Strike Back’. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, vol 8., pp. 1-32
  8. Groeger, A & Zylberberg, Y, 2016, ‘Internal Labor Migration as a Shock Coping Strategy: Evidence from a Typhoon’. American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, vol 8., pp. 123-53

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