Professor Stuart Cooper

Professor Stuart Cooper

Professor Stuart Cooper
Professor of Accounting

The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 39 41480

Department of Accounting and Finance

Personal profile

Stuart Cooper is Professor of Accounting and Head of the Department of Accounting and Finance

He is a joint editor of Advances in Environmental Accounting & Management and is on the Editorial Boards of a number of international journals including: Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal; Accounting Forum; and Accounting and Business Research.


Stuart’s research interests include issues related to the effects of organisations on environmental sustainability and social justice. He is particularly interested in accountability mechanisms and how organisations measure, manage and communicate their environmental and social impacts to their stakeholders.

His research has been published in international journals such as: Accounting and Business Research; Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal; Accounting, Organizations & Society; and Critical Perspectives on Accounting.

Latest publications

  1. Grubnic, S & Cooper, S, 2019, ‘Enhancing democratic accountability in health and social care: The role of reform and performance information in Health and Wellbeing Boards’. Financial Accountability and Management, vol 35., pp. 353 - 372
  2. Feger, C, Mermet, L, Vira, B, Addison, P, Barker, R, Birkin, F, Burns, J, Cooper, S, Couvet, D, Cuckston, T, Daily, G, Dey, C, Gallagher, L, Hails, R, Jollands, S, Mace, G, McKenzie, E, Milne, M, Quattrone, P, Rambaud, A, Russell, S, Santamaria, M & Sutherland, W, 2019, ‘Four priorities for new links between conservation science and accounting research’. Conservation Biology, vol 33., pp. 972-975
  3. Cooper, S & Grubnic, S, 2018, ‘Discharging democratic accountability: The role of strategy and performance information in local authority Health and Wellbeing Boards’. CIMA Publishing
  4. Cooper, S, 2018, ‘Can Reduced Stakeholder Power Enable Corporate Stakeholder Accountability? The Case of Triodos Bank’. in: Nina Boeger, Charlotte Villiers (eds) Shaping the Corporate Landscape: Towards Corporate Reform and Enterprise Diversity. Hart Publishing, Oxford, pp. 233-251
  5. Belal, AR, Cooper, S & Khan, NA, 2015, ‘Corporate environmental responsibility and accountability: What chance in vulnerable Bangladesh?’. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, vol 33., pp. 44-58
  6. Wihantro, Y, Lowe, A, Cooper, S & Manochin, M, 2015, ‘Bureaucratic reform in post-Asian Crisis Indonesia: The Directorate General of Tax’. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, vol 31., pp. 44-63
  7. Cooper, S, De Loo, I & Manochin, M, 2015, ‘Enhancing the transparency of accounting research: the case of narrative analysis’. Qualitative Research in Accounting & Management, vol 12., pp. 34-54
  8. Cooper, SM & Slack, R, 2015, ‘Reporting practice, impression management and company performance: a longitudinal and comparative analysis of water leakage disclosure’. Accounting and Business Research, vol 45., pp. 801-840
  9. Manochin, M & Cooper, S, 2015, ‘Dialogic Education: Reflections from an accounting course’. International Journal of Critical Accounting, vol 7., pp. 49-72
  10. Cooper, S, Parkes, C & Blewitt, J, 2014, ‘Can accreditation help a leopard change its spots? Social accountability and stakeholder engagement in business schools’. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, vol 27., pp. 234-258
  11. Cooper, S & Owen, D, 2014, ‘Independent Assurance of sustainability reports’. in: Jan Bebbington, Jeffrey Unerman, Brendan O'Dwyer (eds) Sustainability Accounting and Accountability. Routledge, pp. 72-85
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  13. Cooper, SM & Pearce, G, 2013, ‘The challenges of delivering climate change policy at the sub-national level’. Town Planning Review, vol 84., pp. 441-465
  14. Cooper, S, 2013, ‘Reflections on the future of CSR and accounting for sustainability’. in: Kathryn Haynes, Alan Murray, Jesse Dillard (eds) Corporate Social Responsibility: A research handbook. Routledge, London, pp. 334
  15. Cooper, SM & Belal, AR, 2011, ‘The absence of corporate social responsibility reporting in Bangladesh’. Critical Perspectives on Accounting, vol 22., pp. 654-667
  16. Cooper, SM & Pearce, G, 2011, ‘Sub-national Responses to Climate Change in England: Evidence from Local Area Agreements’. Local Government Studies, vol 37., pp. 199-217
  17. Cooper, SM & Pearce, G, 2011, ‘Climate change performance measurement, control and accountability in English local authority areas’. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, vol 24., pp. 1097-1118

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