Dr Piotr Korczak

Dr Piotr Korczak

Dr Piotr Korczak
Associate Professor in Finance

1.03, 15-19 Tyndalls Park Road,
The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Telephone Number (0117) 39 41491

Department of Accounting and Finance


Piotr Korczak specialises in empirical corporate finance, corporate governance and capital markets research. He has recently been working on the analysis of share trading by corporate insiders and on firms' exposure to political risks - with a particular focus on Brexit.

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Advanced Corporate Finance (ECONM2032)

Empirical Finance (EFIMM0046)

Fields of interest

Insider trading, Corporate governance, Cross-listing

Latest publications

  1. Hill, P, Korczak, A & Korczak, P, 2019, ‘Political uncertainty exposure of individual companies: The case of the Brexit referendum’. Journal of Banking and Finance, vol 100., pp. 58-76
  2. Gebka, B, Korczak, A, Korczak, P & Traczykowski, J, 2017, ‘Profitability of insider trading in Europe: A performance evaluation approach’. Journal of Empirical Finance, vol 44., pp. 66-90
  3. Hillier, D, Korczak, AK & Korczak, P, 2015, ‘The impact of personal attributes on corporate insider trading’. Journal of Corporate Finance, vol 30., pp. 150-167
  4. Korczak, P & Liu, X, 2014, ‘Managerial shareholding policies and retention of vested equity incentives’. Journal of Empirical Finance, vol 27., pp. 116-129
  5. Fidrmuc, JP, Korczak, A & Korczak, P, 2013, ‘Why does shareholder protection matter for abnormal returns after reported insider purchases and sales?’. Journal of Banking and Finance, vol 37., pp. 1915-1935
  6. Korczak, AK & Korczak, P, 2013, ‘The development of emerging stock markets and the demand for cross-listing’. Journal of Empirical Finance, vol 24., pp. 63-77
  7. Korczak, A, Korczak, P & Lasfer, M, 2010, ‘To Trade or Not to Trade: The Strategic Trading of Insiders around News Announcements’. Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, vol 37., pp. 369 - 407
  8. Korczak, P & Phylaktis, K, 2010, ‘Related securities and price discovery: Evidence from NYSE-listed Non-U.S. stocks’. Journal of Empirical Finance, vol 17., pp. 566 - 584
  9. Korczak, A & Korczak, P, 2009, ‘Corporate ownership and the information content of earnings in Poland’. Applied Financial Economics, vol 19., pp. 703 - 717
  10. Korczak, P & Bohl, M, 2005, ‘Empirical evidence on cross-listed stocks of Central and Eastern European companies’. Emerging Markets Review, vol 6 (2)., pp. 121 - 137
  11. Korczak, P & Tavakkol, A, 2004, ‘Institutional investors and the information content of earnings announcements: the case of Poland’. Economic Systems, vol 28 (2)., pp. 193 - 208

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