Mr Guanlin Wang

Mr Guanlin Wang

Mr Guanlin Wang
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The Priory Road Complex, Priory Road, Clifton
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Guanlin (Gary) is a PhD student under supervisons of Professor Chris Chapman and Dr Mariano Scapin at University of Bristol from 2019. He completed his Msc Finance and Accounting at Imperial College Business School and Bsc Accounting and Finance at University of Bristol. 



From the Broad MA area, I am most interested in Compensations Schemes and Incentive System in Organizations. There are some reasons I want to focus on this topic:

Firstly, as the most important part for any company, how to incentive their employees decides the efficiency of daily operations. Meanwhile, the companies’ main strategies and future developments are closely related to the incentive systems of the companies’ chiefs, which is recalled the agency theory in the company.

Secondly, Although AI technology will substitute some labours in the future, people will play more significant roles in the organizations to collaborate with machine properly and make a better control when facing different complex and uncertain situations. Therefore, better incentive system and compensation method is a never out-of-dated topic as long as organizations still exist.

Thirdly, recently, many companies start to build their data base. Using data to track companies’ performance becomes more and more popular. With these large amounts of data, it is much easier to find causal effect between company’s performance and employees’ behaviour if we get access to these data.

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