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Publication - Dr Fiona Spotswood

    Conducting International Consumer Research with Children

    Challenges and Potential Solutions


    Lowry, T, Chaplin, L, Nairn, A, Gentina, E, Zawadzka, A-M, Bakir, A, Couberghe, V, Hudders, L, Hua, L & Spotswood, F, 2017, ‘Conducting International Consumer Research with Children: Challenges and Potential Solutions’. in: Michael R Solomon, Tina M Lowrey (eds) The Routledge Companion to Consumer Behaviour. Routledge


    This chapter discusses challenges faced when doing cross-cultural research with children, along with suggested solutions to these challenges. The inspiration for this chapter stems from an ongoing international public policy research project underway by a subset of the current authors in multiple countries (Belgium, China, France, Poland, the U.K., and the U.S.; Author Cite, 2015). Many of the challenges and solutions discussed will be of interest to those conducting public policy research with young consumers in general (whether culture is a variable of interest or not), and to those conducting cross-cultural public policy research with young consumers.

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