Dr Anita Mangan

Dr Anita Mangan

Dr Anita Mangan
Senior Lecturer in Organisation Studies

Howard House, Queen's Avenue, Bristol
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Telephone Number (0117) 42 82225

Department of Management

Personal profile

Dr Anita Mangan recently joined the Department of Management, having previously worked in the University of Keele, University College Dublin and Cardiff Business School. She is a graduate of University College Dublin (BA, MBS), University of Exeter (MA) and University of Keele (PhD).




Anita's research is broadly themed around social justice in organisational studies. The main focus of her research is on co-operatives and credit unions as alternative forms of organising, which offer a counternarrative to austerity, marketisation and the rise of precarious work. Related to this overarching theme of social justice, she also researches non-profit organisations, community activism and volunteering processes. Her work is informed by Foucault and discourse analysis, with an emphasis on issues of identity and subjectivity, power and control.

Further details of her three main research themes are as follows:

1. Co-operatives and credit unions as alternative organisations

Overall, this strand of research on alternative forms of organising contributes to academic knowledge about the possibilities offered by co-operatives and credit unions, both as a response to economic disadvantage and as a transformative tool for communities. Specific themes include the struggle to maintain a distinctive ethos while operating in a for-profit marketplace, the invisibility of alternative organisational forms in the media and business school curricula, strengths and challenges of co-operatives as an organisational form, as well as a comparative study of credit unions in the UK and Japan.

2. Analysing discourses of community activism and volunteering processes

This research strand has developed out of Anita's PhD research on credit unions, whose governing boards are composed entirely of volunteers. Some of this research takes a discursive approach to understanding volunteering processes, theorising the tensions between community discourses and enterprise discourse, analysing volunteer motivations and volunteers as community activists.  

3. Interdisciplinary research on social innovation and social justice

The third strand of research encompasses interdisciplinary work with academic colleagues from a broad range of disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, including media studies, literature, politics, sociology, communication and design studies. This work stems from an interest in social innovations and working in partnership with communities.


Postgraduate research:

Anita welcomes queries from PhD students who want to undertake qualitative research related to any of these three themes.

Latest publications

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