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Name Job title Email Phone number
Mr Samuel Baker Economics (PhD)
Mr Han Bao Accounting and Finance (PhD)
Miss Mariagrazia Cavallo Economics (PhD)
Mr Luyang Chen Economics (MRes),Economics (PhD)
Mr Jiaxi Chen Management (PhD)
Miss Lanying Gao Accounting and Finance (PhD)
Mrs Andrea Gibbons Management (PhD)
Mr Salomo Hirvonen Economics (PhD) Tel. (0117) 3310703
Miss Mengyun Hu Management (PhD)
Mr Zhuotong Liu Economics (MRes),Economics (PhD)
Miss Xiaoting Luo Management (PhD)
Ms Anastasiya Oleksiyenko Economics (PhD)
Mr Raffaello Rossi Management (PhD)
Mr Manuel Antonio Sanchez Garcia Economics (PhD)
Ms Zoe Sanderson Management (PhD)
Mr Paris Selinas Management (PhD)
Miss Anisha Shanmugam Management (PhD)
Mr Xiaolong Shui Management (PhD)
Mr Richard Slimmon Management (PhD)
Mr Efthymios Smyrniotis Economics (PhD)
Ms Isabel Stockton Economics (PhD)
Miss Sofiya Stoyanova Economics (MPhil)
Mr Juan Pablo Subiabre Gonzalez Management (PhD)
Mr Qingchen Tian Management (PhD)
Mrs Stephanie Tiller Accounting and Finance (PhD)
Ms Kat Wall Management (PhD),Social Science Research Methods (Management) (MSc) Tel. (0117) 331 7016
Miss Jiaxuan Wang Accounting and Finance (PhD)
Mr Guanlin Wang Accounting and Finance (PhD)
Miss Jingxue Xia Accounting and Finance (PhD)
Miss Haibin Yu Management (PhD)
Mr Shukai Zhang Management (PhD)
Mr Jiahong Zhou Accounting and Finance (PhD)