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Dr Tigist Grieve


Dr Tigist Grieve is a Vice Chancellor’s Fellow at the University of Bristol.  Her work is highly interdisciplinary, drawing on International Development, Gender studies, Anthropology and Education disciplines with particular focus on inequalities and questions of social reproduction.

Tigist earned both her MRes and PhD in International Development from the University of Bath. Recently she was a recipient of a prestigious ESRC-GCRF 2017/18 award that allowed her to focus on disseminating her research findings through extensive public engagements.

Her work seeks to bring the marginalised voices of adolescent girls to the ongoing debate on gender and empowerment. Her research approach is committed to co-production of knowledge anchored on the lived experiences of adolescents. She brings extensive understanding of the political, economic, cultural and social environment within which the lived experiences of adolescent girls need to be framed.


Her research is valuable to understand why some rural adolescent girls were able to benefit from interventions and policy measures while many do not. It will also identify the ways in which adolescent girls empowerment interventions and policies may be improved to result the desired outcomes. The aim of empowering adolescent girls through access to education and related outcomes are at the heart of Sustainable Development Goals and catalyst in reaching all other goals. She seeks to contribute a nuanced insight that shape existing policy and interventions in Ethiopia and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Tigist actively engages with non-academic sector informing policy and practice with valuable evidence to disrupt inequality and intergenerational transfer of social and economic disadvantages.