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Resources and Reservoirs

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Applied research in Earth Sciences at Bristol focuses on developing a fundamental understanding of processes to better evaluate and predict natural resources, and to mitigate environmental impacts of exploitation.

Using remote images of hydrocarbon reservoirs and ore bodies, the Geophysics Group studies complex properties such as fracturing and fluid movement to maximise both productivity and safety in extraction.

The Carbonates Group focuses on developing a predictive understanding of porosity and permeability evolution in carbonate systems from field studies and numerical modelling.

Subsurface storage of CO2 is an emerging theme and Bristol CO2 Group (BCOG) works on improving monitoring and modelling of CO2 migration, CO2-rock reactions and their geomechanical impact.

The Petrology (formerly BEEST) group combines high pressure experiments and thermodynamics to better understand both hydrothermal ore and diamond deposits.

Finally, by linking molecular-level geochemistry with innovative technologies for interface analysis we are developing new approaches to environmental remediation.

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